Bestway Hydro Force White Cap Convertible Stand Up Paddle Board


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Product Details: 

The Hydro-Force White Cap Convertible is an all-round SUP board perfect for small waves in the ocean or for the calmer waters; a perfect board for yoga and meditation on the water. The size of the board and the included strings at the front make it easy and convenient to carry. With the White Cap Convertible you can attach the included seat and row on the paddle board. The seat can also be easily removed if not needed. The included oar can be adjusted so that it is either a row oar or a regular paddle oar.

The SUP board is easy to transport and inflates quickly with the included pump before use.



About this product: 

- Bestway - Hydro-Force - White Cap Set Convertible (3.05m x 84cm x 12cm)

- Adjustable Oar

- Hand Pump

- Backpack

- Seat

- Ankle Cord

- Repair Kit



Max load: 120 kg
Size: 305 x 54 x 12 cm

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