Swimming Pool Heat Pump – UK Plug & Play 5KW of Heat


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The UK Plug & Play Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump is the ideal partner forand above ground swimming pools like Intex and Bestway up to 35,000 Litres (35m3).  The super-efficient, compact heater consumes only 1120 watts but will deliver an impressive 3400-5100 watts of energy to heat your swimming pool.

Even on the warmest of summer days in the UK, jumping into an unheated pool is the reserve of the brave.  Conventional electric heaters can be very expensive to run, until now.  Air source heat pumps utilise the natural surrounding air which is absorbed into a fluid, then compressed to increase its temperature which in turn is used to heat the passing pool water.  This clever technology means that you can obtain up to 5 times the amount of energy than you are putting into the heater.

So in basic terms, it will draw 1.12KW of power from your UK power socket and pump up to 5.1KW heat into your pool.

  • Suggested water flow rate:  2000L/Hour (water pump not supplied).
  • Pool Water Volume:  15m3 – 35m3.
  • 32mm (1 ¼”) Male Hose tail Connections (in/out).
  • Power Consumption (running):  Approx. 1120 watts.
  • Max. Power Consumption:  Approx. 1300 watts.
  • Output Power:  Up to 5100 watts.
  • Max. Current:  5.9 Amps.
  • 220-240V AC / Single Phase Supply.
  • H49cm x W44cm x D38cm
  • 2 year warranty for heat pump, 5 year warranty for compressor and heat exchanger
  • UK 3-pin plug included
  • Heating temperature up to 35°C (water out)

The Plug & Play Air Source Heat Pump has a very compact footprint of only H49cm x W44cm x D38cm.  We recommend that a solar pool cover is used when the pool is not in use to help retain heat.  If your pool pump has a greater flow than the recommended 2000L/Hour flow rate for the heater, flow should be bypassed to the heater with the remaining flow passed back to the pool directly.  The heat pump should be installed after the filtration system, to prevent debris entering the heat pump.  For full installation details, please view the instructions PDF below.

Pool Heat Pump Manual Download Link


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