Hydro-S Swimming Pool Heat Pump Type A5/32-4.5Kw


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About this product 

This Hydro-S Swimming Pool Heat pump is an efficient, environmentally friendly, economically sensible way to heat your pool. The Hydro-S range in particular is perfect for above ground pools in spring/summer seasons.  

All Hydro-S pumps come in black metal casing with an easy-to-use digital temperature control. The heat exchanger is made from Titanium material, thus making it resistant to salt and chlorine. All pumps benefit from an automatic frost protection feature and run quietly with a low sounding rotary compressor and a low fan noise.  

Hydro-S pumps have a high efficiency coefficient of up to 6.1 and work best in temperatures above 7.C.  

Using advanced refrigeration technology; the Hydro-S pump works by collecting energy from the air outside and then transporting this air into your pool, returning it as heat. For each single kW used by this eco heat pump, between 4kW and 5kW are returned to the pool as heat. 

Choosing a heat pump is an inexpensive way of creating an ambient comfortable temperature for your pool. Without the need for huge main heating system installation costs, the Hydro-S pump works well economically and environmentally by simply capturing the air from outside and moving it to the water, thus creating up to 80% of energy free of cost.  


Specifications for Type A5/32-4.5Kw  

  • Heating power input: 0.71kW 
  • Heating capacity (A27/W27): 4.5kW 
  • Heating capacity (A15/W25): 3.3kW 
  • Maximum volume (good insulation): 5-12m³ 
  • Coefficient (C.O.P.) at A27/W27: 4.74 
  • Coefficient (C.O.P.) at A15/W25: 4.65 
  • Compressor: Rotary 
  • Refrigerant: R32 
  • Fan quantity: 1 
  • Fan power input: 68W 
  • Fan rotate speed: 760RPM 
  • Fan direction: Horizontal 
  • Noise level (10 metres): 26dB(A) 


Guidance Only – What Hydro-S Pump is best? 

Above Ground Pool Sizing (guideline only, based on 4 ft depth) 


Pool Size 







10' Diameter 



Hydro S 5 

12' Diameter 



Hydro S 7 

15' Diameter 



Hydro S 10 

18' Diameter 



Hydro S 13 

19' x 12' 



Hydro S 10 

23’ x 12’ 



Hydro S 13 

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