Can I plug a pool heat pump into a standard 13A mains socket?

Posted by Kimberley Sanderson on

Smaller heat pumps (eg Flotide Plug and Play,) can be plugged into a standard 13A socket

The Flotide "A" range can also be plugged into a UK 13A mains socket, however we recommend an electrician connecting the plug with an RCD.

For larger models, we recommend that armoured cable is used to run the electrical supply to the heat pump.

Armoured cable provides protection from the cable being accidentally damaged and is therefore safer than standard electrical flex cable.

The heat pump should be connected to an RCD device for safety reasons.

Larger heat pumps will draw more than 13A and so a dedicated electrical supply may be required.

It is best to get a qualified electrician to connect your heat pump to the electrical supply. The electrician will also ensure that the heat pump has a proper earth

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