DIY UK Plug and Inline RCD Kit for Heat Pumps includes 10 Metres 1.5mm 3 Core Electrical Cable


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DIY Kit includes. 

1 x Sealed UK Plug
1 x Inline RCD Circuit Breaker (IP66)
1 x 10 meter 1.5mm 3 Core Cable (can be cut down to your desired length)

We recommend a certified electrician to put the kit together.

1 x Sealed UK Plug

  • Height: 49mm
  • Width: 96mm
  • Length: 134mm
  • Black 13Amp extra heavy-duty plug manufactured from a very resilient, high percentage rubber composite 

1 x In line RCD Circuit Breaker (IP66)

  • Reset button - Activates protection
  • Red indicator - protection active
  • TEST button - Activates the test function
  • Complies with bS1363, bS7071:1992
  • Provides safety against electric shock

1 x 10m 1.5mm 3 Core Cable
It is BASEC Approved.  It is UKAS Certified.  It is CE Marked.

Cable Construction

The live, neutral and earth are individually insulated.  The Live and Neutral are insulated in blue/brown coloured PVC insulation and the earth is coloured in green and yellow.  The overall bundle of wires is insulated in a White PVC outer casing and this Cable is insulated in a third tuff Black Fire Retardant PVC Coating.   These cables are constructed of solid copper conductive wires.

Safety information

This cable is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
For extra safety, please check ratings of appliances prior to connecting cable.



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