Commercial and Trade

Here at 123 Pools we know our trade and commercial customers have different needs from our residential customers.

The trade and commercial range is designed for large commercial quantities, to access our range of commercial products please email and an account application can be created.

Our trade and commercial range is a high-grade quality product, which confirms the BPR and is ideal for commercial and high volume environments.

Please contact us for the latest trade and commercial price list. 

Order Code Product Description Pack size Case QTY
Kleen Pool Ultimate Paddlecare
AGPKCLSKP Ultimate Paddlecare Kit 1 10
ALGAE.05KP Paddlecare Algae Protector Sachet 50ml 50ml 20
CLSANTAB64KP Paddlecare Super Fizz Tablets (20 x 3.2g) 64g 10
Blue Horizons
Starter Kits
AGPKCLSBH Splasher Pool Starter Kit - Chlorine 1 4
CLTAB2005BH 200g Chlorine Tablets 5kg each
CLTAB205BH Small Chlorine Tablets 5kg each
MFDISP.72BH Multifunctional Floating Dispenser 720g 8
CLGRAN25BH Stabilised Chlorine Granules 25kg each
SHRAP05BH Rapid Shock 5kg each
SHGRAN05BH Granular Shock 5kg 4
ALGAESUMC02BH Summerclear 2ltr 6
ALGKLEENPOOL Kleenpool 1ltr 10
CLAULT01BH Ultimate Water Clarifier Concentrate 1ltr 6
CLATAB05BH Aqua Sparkle Tablets 0.5kg 12
CPEKLEEN5BH Easy Kleen 0.5ltr 12
CPTHICKTLC02BH Extra Thick Tile & Liner Cleaner 2ltr 6
CPWCP350BH Waterline Cleaning Paste 350g 12
SPSOLAR02BH Solar Shield 2ltr 6
SPASPRK1AS Spa Sparkle 1ltr 6
SPAFOAM1AS Spa  FoamAway 1ltr 6
Commercial Service Packs
SPACLN50AS Spa Surface Cleaner 5ltr 4
SPACRT05AS Spa Cartridge Cleaner 5ltr 4
SPAFOAM50AS Spa  FoamAway 5ltr 4
SPASPRK50AS Spa Sparkle 5ltr 4
SPAHTFLUSH5AS Hot Tub Flush 5ltr 4
Sodium Hypochlorite
HYPO1120CM 10/11% Sodium Hypochlorite with Calgon 20ltr each
HYPO1520CM 14/15% Sodium Hypochlorite 20ltr each
CLTAB20025BH 200g Chlorine Tablets 25kg each
BRTAB05BH Bromine Tablets (BCDMH) 5kg 4
Pro-Cal Chlorine Donors
SHGRAN25CM Pro-Cal Calcium Hypochlorite Granules 25kg each
HtH Calcium Hypochlorite
HTHDDGRAN25 HtH Dedusted Granules 25kg each
Water Balance
PHMIN07BH pH Minus 7kg 2
PHMIN25BH pH Minus bucket 25kg each
WBACID2825CM Hydrochloric Acid 28% 25ltr each
WBACID4525CM Granudos Acid 45% 25ltr each
PHPLUS05BH pH Plus 5kg 4
PHPLUS25BH pH Plus bucket 25kg each
TAPLUS05BH TA Raiser 5kg each
TAPLUS25BH TA Raiser 25kg each
CHPLUS05BH Calcium Hardness Raiser 5kg each
Order Code Product Description Pack size Case QTY
CHPLUS25BH Calcium Hardness Raiser 25kg each
SPCOND2BH Chlorine Stabiliser 2kg each
ALGAEHD20CM Heavy Duty Algaecide 20ltr each
CLAHD02CM Heavy Duty Clarifier 2ltr 6
Commercial Cleaners
BIOFILM5CM Super Cleanse 50 x 20g (chlorine Dioxide) 1kg each
CPEXMULTI5BH Multipurpose Kleen 5ltr 2
CPEXKLEEN5BH Scale Kleen 5ltr 2
CPEXDEEP5BH Deep Kleen 5ltr 2
CPEXSHOWER5BH Shower Kleen 5ltr 2
Photometers - Palintest
TEPTSPS003D Pooltest 3 Photometer (Soft Case)
TEPTSPH003D Pooltest 3 Photometer (Hard Case)
TEPTSPS004D Pooltest 4 Photometer (Soft Case)  NEW
TEPTSPH004D Pooltest 4 Photometer (Hard Case)  NEW
TEPTSPS006D Pooltest 6 Photometer (Soft Case)
TEPTSPH006D Pooltest 6 Photometer (Hard Case)
Photometer Spares - Palintest
TEPT595/5 Round Test Tubes 10ml (Pack of 5)
TEPT555 Round Test Tubes 10ml (Pack of 5)
Comparator Spares & Accessories - Palintest
TEPT521/5 10ml Square Plastic Test Tubes (Pk 5)
Reagents - Palintest
TTPAL010B DPD 1 Rapid Tablets (50) Blister Pack each
TTPTAT010 DPD 1 Rapid Tablets (250) each
Order Code Product Description Pack size Case QTY
TTPTAK011 DPD 1 Comparator Tablets (250) each
TTPTAT030 DPD 3 Rapid Tablets (250) each
TTPTAK031/1 DPD 3 Comparator Tablets (250) each
TTPTAP011 DPD 1 Photometer Tablets (250) each
TTPTAP013XF DPD 1 XF Photometer Tablets (250) 0 - 10mg/l each
TTPTAP031/1 DPD 3 Photometer Tablets (250) each
TTPTAP033/1XT DPD 3 XT Photometer Tablets (250) 0 - 10mg/l each
TTPAL131B pH Rapid Tablets (50) Blister Pack each
TTPTAT130 pH Rapid Tablets (250) each
TTPTAK131 pH Comparator Tablets(250) each
TTPTAP130 pH Photometer Tablets (250) each
TTPTAS072 Total Alkalinity Comparator Tablets (250) bottle each
TTPTAK192 Alkavis Comparator Tablets (250) each
TTPTAP188 Alkaphot Photometer Tablets (250) each
TTPTAS077 Calcium Hardness Comparator Tablets (250) bottle each
TTPTAP252 Calcicol Photometer Tablets (250 No. 1 & 2 Tablets) each
TTPTAP087 Cyanuric Photometer Tablets (250) each
Photometers - Lovibond
TEPC3MD100 MD100 Photometer 3 in 1
TEPC4MD100 HSG282 Photometer 3 in 1    NEW
TEPC6MD100 MD110 Photometer 6 in 1
TEPC12PM600 PM600 Photometer 12 in 1
TEPC34PM630 PM630 Photometer 34 in 1
Reagents - Lovibond
TTSCUBAREFILL Lovibond Scuba II Tablet re-fill pack each
TTDPD1100LB DPD 1 Tablets Standard (100) each
TTDPD1250LB DPD 1 Tablets Standard (250) each
TTDPD1RP50LB. DPD 1 Tablets Rapid Dissolving (50) each 20
Order Code Product Description Pack size Case QTY
TTDPDPR60LB. DPD 1/Phenol Red Tablets Rapid Diss.  (30/30) each 20
TTDPD1RP100LB DPD 1 Tablets Rapid Dissolving (100) each
TTDPD1HC250 DPD 1 Tablets Higher Calcium (250) each
TTDPD3100LB DPD 3 Tablets Standard (100) each
TTDPD3250LB DPD 3 Tablets Standard (250) each
TTDPD3RPD100LB DPD 3 Tablets Rapid Dissolving (100) each
TTDPD4RAP DPD 4 Tablets Rapid Dissolving (100) each
TTPRTAB100LB Phenol Red Tablets (100) each
TTPRTAB250LB Phenol Red Tablets (250) each
TTPRPHO100LB Phenol Red Photometer (100) each
TTPRPHO250LB Phenol Red Photometer (250) each
TTPRRP50LB. Phenol Red Rapid Dissolving Tablets (50) each 20
TTPRRAP100LB Phenol Red Rapid Dissolving Tablets (100) each
TTALKFOIL100LB Total Alkalinity (100) each
TTALKFOIL250LB Total Alkalinity (250) each
TTALKBOT250LB Total Alkalinity (250) Bottle each
TTALKAM250 Alka M Photometer Tablets (250) each
TTCALHFOIL100LB Calcium Hardness (100) each
TTCALHFOIL250LB Calcium Hardness (250) each
TTCALHBOT250LB Calcium Hardness (250) Bottle each
TTCALCIO200 Calcio-H no. 1 & no. 2 (200) Each
TTCYAN100LB Cyanuric Acid Tablets (100) each